Fishing Report


We are at the beginning of the best time of year for fly fishing on the South Fork of the American River and Get Lost Fly Fishing has far more to be excited for then just the holidays. We are in winter regulations so make sure you leave the bait at home and are using only single barbless hooks, the limit is 0, so make sure we’re putting these beautiful trout back! That being said, fishing on the American River has been very good, with lots of trout finding their way to the net. Fish are ranging from the 14-20″ range and are looking to get fat for the winter months ahead. Fish have moved to the slower water, and are being found on the bottom. Fish the pools and slow seams of deeper runs, you can also still find them holding in buckets and deeper pockets. Hatches on the South Fork American River are minimal, but weather dependent we are still getting your standard Mays and Caddis out with a few small dark stones to be seen also. Birds nest, hares ear, PT, frenchie, prince nymph should all be in your fly box in sizes 12-18. Don’t be afraid to pull a streamer through the water either and get ready to hold on. This is a very fun, and productive time on the South Fork, contact Get Lost Fly Fishing for guided trips or any other questions. Tight lines!!!


Fishing continues to be very productive on the South Fork American River!! Lots of fish still moving through the system from Folsom Lake, and they are hungry and feisty. The fish are moving and preparing to spawn, so make sure you know the regulations and are putting all back. They can be found in the top of pools and bottoms of rapids, but plenty are being caught in eddys and buckets so cast there too. lots in the 15″-18″ range with 20″+ not uncommon. So if you’re tired of chasing Steelhead already then book a trip and lets put some wild bows and browns in the net.

River Flows